- Finish living room
 - General electricity works
 - Ventilation and general electricity works
 - Ventilation system
 - Painting pre-colored primer
 - Bathroom
 - Kitchen
 - Bathroom
 - Furnished living room
 - Furnished living room

Project Schoytestraat

The apartment in the Schoytestraat is a complete renovation.

4 weeks after the stripping began, everything was ready for the floor isolation and the sub floor which is screed in this case.

All the electricity and water works needed to be finished for this to be possible.


The general electricity- and ventilation works have been completed by Bentro.

They also installed the floor heating and the heat pump in the two days between isolation and screed.


After finishing all the walls, water and electricity, Matcolors can start the finishing works.

The customer has chosen for a colored primer so they can quickly get a feel for what the colors will look like in the end.


During summer, the windows from Janssens ramen completely slide open to one side, greatly enlarging the living room.

Keukens Modern installed a high quality kitchen after thouroughly discussing the options with the customer.

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