- Finished living room
 - Original state
 - Pipes and wires
 - Ceiling isolation
 - Gyproc and plastering
 - Gyproc and plastering
 - Finished kitchen
 - Kitchen finished
 - Living room finished
 - Finished hallway

Rolosan - House WV

Not every renovation goes as planned: in this case, our customer saw that the planning kept moving further into the future. By contacting us, we were able to fix an end date and stick to the planning. The customer had already completely dug out the floors and sand on the ground level when we teamed up on this project.

Bentro and Matcolors had an important job together with Rolosan. Before the plumber or Bentro could start, a new concrete slab was needed urgently. The isolation in the floor and the screed quickly followed.

Tiles were chosen to finish the floors of the living areas and the hallway. Matcolors executed all the Gyproc and plaster works so the customer could paint afterwards. The kitchen with the island in the middle and the closets of the carpenter make the house a home with great finish.

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