- Finished kitchen and living room
 - Before start of the works
 - Placing cables
 - Ready for floor isolation
 - Scread on Lewis panels
 - Floor heating before the screed
 - Facade isolation before placing crepi
 - Finished corridor on first floor
 - Finished bathroom
 - Renovated facade

Rolosan - House K2

Making a new house behind an existing facade? No problem for Rolosan and its partners!

The previous owner had done almost all of the destruction work, but had left the original roof and facade. The facade was renovated, but a flat roof was installed.

The building permit only left the original facade, make this project more of a new build than a renovation.


Wood beams were used to separate the two floors but the owner really wanted floor heating on the first floor. Lewis panels were used to give the necessary rigidity to allow for isolation, floor heating system and screed on top of the wooden beams.

Floors, outer walls and roof were all isolated and almost all of the interior walls were done in Gyproc with sound proofing.

A white crepi facade and a facade renovation completed the project, along with the new kitchen.

The video below shows the house ready for sale.

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