- Finished kitchen
 - Finished living room
 - Glass door
 - Finished bathroom
 - Original kitchen
 - Original bathroom
 - Changes hallway
 - New bathroom in progress
 - Kitchen in progress
 - Washing room in progress

Rolosan - Apartment S-VA

Location is everything in real estate. This apartment is located on a major city axis in Antwerp, but needed to be freshened up.

With the help of an architect, many changes could be done without having to strip the apartment completely. The bathroom was moved to make room for a washing room and a kitchen wall was removed allowing for a good connection between living room and kitchen. By sanding the parquet and applying varnish we were able to keep the floor, saving budget and authenticity.

The glass door between the living room and the hallway is a real eye catcher when entering the aprartment. It separates both spaces while allowing light to penetrate deeper into the hallway.

Ventilation and electricity cables are hidden in the fake ceiling. The new ceiling allowed us to spare the original floors.

New windows give a high degree of insulation and with the new safety door, future tenant will be warm and feel safe.

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