- Living room
 - Stairs before the renovation
 - Rear façade before the renovation
 - Kitchen installation
 - Finished kitchen
 - Bath room
 - Finished wooden floors
 - Completely restored stairs
 - Finished rear façade
 - Restored façade

Project Terninckstraat

This beautiful mansion had been neglected for years.

Some floors were so unstable that the first visits were tricky and almost unsafe.

With a thorough renovation the building is better than new as it has been brought back to current norms and standards!


The antique stairs and parquet have been given a new life by Matcolors and Bentro installed all the electricity- and ventilation systems, as well as videophones.

Keuken Modern has done an excellent job with high quality materials.


Renovations of this scale are undoubtely the most challenging, which also makes them the most rewarding!

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