- Finished facade
 - Finished facade
 - Starting the wharf
 - During the wharf
 - Cleaning and grouting corniche
 - Grouting
 - Sanding by hand
 - Applying high gloss
 - Finished corniche
 - High gloss front door

Matcolors - Facade C

A peaceful oasis in the middle of the city deserves a very special facade.

Guesthouse Cabosse wanted a facade like no other. Using a special grouting product, a high gloss finish was painted allowing for a magnificent reflection of the sun. The front door was also painted with a high gloss but in a contrasting black color.

To get a perfect finish with high gloss paints, it is very important that no dust settles in the drying paint. The scaffold was completely wrapped to avoid wind, dust and rain. This kind of job is best done when no other dusty works (such as renovations) are done in the vicinity of the painting.

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