- Living room finished
 - Finished kitchen
 - Painting finished
 - After painting and treatment of the floor
 - Bedroom before works
 - After breaking out doors
 - Gyproc and plastering works
 - Gyproc works
 - Sanding parquet
 - Varnishing parquet

Matcolors - Apartment S-VA

When planning a thorough renovation, it's always necessary to contact multiple companies. Luckily Matcolors can help out in multiple ways such as plastering, placing Gyproc, painting and even sanding and varnishing the wooden floors.

Changing doors, destroying walls and hiding piping and cables requires renewing plaster and placing Gyproc. The new paint job gives a fresh color and sanding and varnishing the floor allows us to keep the original.

Take a look at the Rolosan reference for some extra information.

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