- Reception
 - Offices
 - Offices
 - Hallway
 - Cable ducts
 - Work in progress
 - Floorbox finished
 - Floorbox finished
 - Fuse box

Bentro - VDV

VDV Consultants had to look for a new location due to strong growth. A double apartment on the ground floor was a perfect spot for the new offices, conference rooms and archives.

The technical needs and rigid timing make the project a challenge to complete. Large amounts of cables were installed between the different rooms and the new server. The screed needed to stay intact as much as possible so the epoxy floor could be installed quickly after the electricity works. A new screed would not have been dry in time for the new floors. Cable ducts were installed to protect the cables from interference and minimize the space needed so the screed didn't need to be replaced.

LED lighting and a home automation system of Nico Home Control made for a perfect finish. The floor boxes were even covered in the epoxy floor and wooden floor boards, depending on the floors around them. VDV now has a complete system that is flexible, fully automated and state-of-the-art.

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